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Complete IT Solutions

Our team of experts with years of experience behind them will help decide on setting and achieving your IT goals. Enable utilization of IT to maximize its benefits for your core business. We will help rationalize your current IT portfolio or in deciding on how to utilize modern technology.

Application Design and development

Software Applications help run businesses more efficiently. We develop browser (web) based applications and customized applications. The type of application depends on the needs and will be decided after completing a detailed analysis of the requirement and it's usage. We develop software using .NET, Java among others and databases like MS-SQLServer, MySQL. We will detail the requirement and deliver a solution that is expected with no surprises.


Our expert designers ensure that the user experience is pleasant. We work with you to identify keywords that will help achieve better results on search engines for your website. We use tools like Dreamweaver, responsive website frame work like Bootstrap and technologies like the HTML, CSS, JavaScript among others. We can also help with Domain Names and Hosting. We do graphic designing for logos, banners, letterheads, book covers, book typing (including Marathi and Hindi).


The mobile phones have come a long way in terms technology evolution and innovation, the adoption of the same for building and improving efficiency has not kept pace with these advances. We develop purely native applications for mobiles or a complete solution by integrating the mobile app with web based applications. We develop apps for Android using Eclipse, ADT, Android Studio and the SQLite database.

About Us

Brainlines Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is an IT services company based in the historic city of Pune, India. Started in 2006, we have come a long way from being just a web designing firm using plain HTML to a complete software solutions provider.

We have successfully established ourselves as one of the most reliable IT services company. We believe this is so because our approach to solutions is to keep things simple, clear and transparent. We maintain timelines, are committed to quality and are always looking to reduce costs.

Our work ethics are guided by our team of leaders who have extensive experience in the international market. We partner with our clients in building efficient systems. Understanding of the business and the need of the client helps us come up with solutions which are more beneficial to the client than just delivering the code.

We are a team that strives for excellence and are always on the lookout to maximize customer benefits. Feel free to call us to explore how we can work together.