About Us

POWER HYBRID SYSTEM PVT. LTD. (PHSPL) was launched in 2014. The Company designed and built for its manufacturing and installation facility, established in Pune, India. PHSPL having a understandable focus on providing highly affordable energy solutions that have a well-defined return on investment.

We – Power Hybrid System Pvt. Ltd. are an organization which intends to get a Power Revolution in the country with an purpose to make every Village, Household, School, Collages, Institution, Hospitals and Commercial establishment independent on generating their own Power by providing a tailor made Solution to fulfill their Power needs with economical Solutions. We at Power Hybrid System Pvt. Ltd. (PHSPL) are fully committed to providing you with an individual renewable energy solution. Company in to Solar - Wind hybrid system, Solar Off Grid and On grid System, Small wind business, based in Pune, Maharashtra, (INDIA). Each solar-wind Hybrid system, Only solar and only wind system is PHSPL’s Technology grant Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) electronics and solar charge controller, which maximize the power handling and generation capabilities of both the wind turbines and solar panels.

This system keeps up all power generation at maximum efficiency without the need for further system. Standard solar or wind systems do not offer this capability, which is unique to the PHSPL stage. We are end customer service provider in Solar Off Grid and Solar On grid systems, small wind turbines and wind-solar hybrid systems for Domestic use, Commercial use and Industrial use. These systems can be mount/erect on roof top or on ground. Also Power Hybrid System is in to trading and manufacturing of Power solutions in Solar, Wind, Small wind turbines & Hybrid Systems (Wind + Solar) for India, Sri-Lanka and other countries in Asian continent.

PHSPL bringing the latest technology of Permanent Magnet Generator operated small wind turbines ranging from 300 W up to 100 kw – this will be design for low wind operations, cut in wind speed 2 Mtr/Sec., rated wind speed 18.5 Mtr/ Sec. Solar system from 300 W up to MW plant – end to end project support from site inspection to installation and commissioning. And Solar Wind Hybrid System – this introduce advantage of both solar and wind system, with more reliable and more generation, it will be generated almost throughout the year.

Power Hybrid System can design and supply Electricity generating system according to requirements specified by end user, subject to resources availability at site. Power Hybrid System provides Electricity Source for Street Lights, Internal Lighting, Fans, Exhausts, Televisions, Desktop, Laptop, Security Systems, Parking Lights, Building Lift, Garden, domestic fridge, Water Pumping, Air Conditioner, all systems required in hospitals and all types of Machinery, etc. We are associates very experience team. You can be assured that we manage the project closely and carefully, and accountability for results will never be delegated.