Grid Inter-tied Solar-Electric Systems

Power Hybrid System Pvt. Ltd. Advise you Grid Inter-tied Solar-Electric Systems. Also known as on-grid, grid-tied, or utility interactive (UI), grid-inter-tied solar-electric systems generate solar electricity and route it to the electric utility grid, offsetting a home’s or business’ electrical consumption and, in some instances, even turning the electric meter backwards. Living with a grid-connected solar-electric system is no different than living with grid power, except that some or all of the electricity you use comes from the sun. In many states, the utility credits a homeowner’s account for excess solar electricity produced. This amount can then be applied to other months when the system produces less or in months when electrical consumption is greater. This arrangement is called net metering or net billing. The specific terms of net metering laws and regulations vary from state to state and utility to utility. Consult your local electricity provider or state regulatory agency for their guidelines.

Grid Interactive Solar Power Plant without Battery Backup is type of system only operates when the grid power is available. Since grid power outages are rare, this system will normally provide the greatest amount of bill savings to the customer against investment. However, in the event of an outage, the system is designed to shut down until utility power is restored. The inverter switches to “sleep mode” and awaits restoration of grid power. Once grid power restores the inverter synchronizes itself to grid and starts feeding power to grid.