Rooftop Solar Power Solutions For Industries:


Current Scenario :

Most industries run on a 24x7 basis

Alternate power sources like diesel generators
- Higher switchover time
- Almost instant shut down of machinery
- Very expensive; as the fuel and maintenance cost very high.

Power fluctuations – may damage operating tools

Sudden power failure leads to loss of working time and money

Industries in Tier II and III cities face major energy crises

Either ‘No Electricity Supply at all’ or ‘Irregular Supply’

Erratic grid supply for a minimal time period / Load shedding

Worse situations at the industries in remote locations

Initiative for Permanent Solution :

Rising cost of Electricity makes today the best time to invest in Solar Systems.

Be an Independent power producer.

System pays itself off via accelerated depreciation

Reduce electricity bills.

Attracts Tax Benefits.

Affordable for almost anyone to get started on a Greener, Cleaner, Ecological and Economical Power.

Reduce Pollution – Reduce Carbon Output

Instantly add value to residential or commercial establishment.

Advantages :

Can be used with pre-installed inverters and batteries.

Easy installation on any kind of surface or rooftops

Can work in synchronization with Grid and DG sets – Reduce dependency on both.

Uninterrupted power supply with No voltage fluctuations

Remote monitoring available

Really long life (Solar panels – 25 yrs) and Absolutely Zero maintenance.

Reduce heavy electricity bills.

Better Returns on Investment (ROI).

Increased profits by reduced operational and fuel costs.

Savings in taxes and benefits of accelerated depreciation