Solar Solutions for Petrol Pumps :

Huge vacant opportunity & Current scenario on solar :

The increase in electricity costs from the grid is present with the rise of the cost of non-renewable energy sources in the near future. The rise in electricity and fuel costs is going to put extreme pressure on businesses like petrol pumps. The only solution to fight this high rise in fuel and electricity costs is to adopt renewable sources of power like solar. 

Most petrol pumps require to be run on a 24x7 basis thereby requiring an intelligent power management system. Alternate power sources like diesel generators have a higher switchover time and the dispenser pump shuts down almost instantly.

Power fluctuations also end-up damaging dispensing units at petrol pumps. Sudden power failure leads to loss of fuel, time and money of both the customer and the petrol pump owner. Petrol pumps in Tier 2 & 3 cities face major energy crises because of irregular power supply. In far worse situations are the petrol pumps in remote locations which have no electricity, face erratic power supply or have grid supply for a minimal time period. Diesel Generator sets are used as an alternative to electricity from the grid in these areas. However, this proves to be very expensive as the fuel and maintenance cost of diesel generator sets is very high.

A petrol pump can easily derive power from solar and enjoy the following benefits :

Can be used on pre installed inverters, economic, Smaller, hybrid systems with battery banks, Best solution for places with DG usage of more than 8 hrs and Saves on monthly expenditure on consumption of diesel used in DG sets.

Uninterrupted power supply, No voltage fluctuations, Can work in synchronization with Grid & DG sets, Really long life ( Solar panels - 25 yrs) and Zero maintenance

Implementation of solar system for energy usage shall help the petrol pump in reducing heavy electricity bills. The petrol pump shall also save money during peak hours when the electricity is charged at a higher rate.

The solar package provides better Returns on Investment (ROI) to the petrol pump owner. It reduces his dependency on the Diesel Generator Set, thus increasing profits by reducing operational and fuel costs.

Solar Solutions for Petrol Pumps offered by POWER HYBRID SYSTEM PVT. LTD :

Our solar power solution serves as an excellent solution for Petrol Pumps level electrification due to extremely remote location of petrol Pumps where grid electricity is available for few hours or not available at all. We install solar power panels to provide enough power that helps in efficiently operating fuel guns and office equipment. These panels support multiple fuel gun operation and switch automatically and spontaneously between the grids causing no harm to client.

It is more advantageous than diesel generator. Use of solar energy in petrol pumps has proven to offer reliable operations of dispensing units even in load shedding hours. The dispensing units last long as the solar system provides superior power quality.

These Systems can also be provided with remote monitoring features as most of the Petrol pumps are at very remote locations. Even the dispensing units last long as the solar system provides superior power quality.
These systems generate and store electricity for operating electrical equipment such as Fuel dispensing Units, Canopy Lights, Yard lights, Office lights and fans, Air filling machine etc during day as well as during night time. These solar solutions are robustly constructed and provide good electricity without voltage fluctuation.

We even have special systems for petrol Pumps which already have installed Inverters and batteries. We can club these Inverter and batteries with our solar Panels and other electronics to generate power, this kind of combination reduces the cost of the solar power plant as the Inverter and batteries are already present. Solar power if used with LED lighting on Petrol pumps shows fantastic results as these lights use less power and hence lesser investment on Solar.