Why Wind, Solar and wind-solar Hybrid Energy?


The project is environment friendly

Good wind & Solar potential to harness wind & Solar energy.

A permanent shield against ever increasing power prices. The cost per kWh reduces over a period of time as against rising cost for conventional power projects

A project with the fastest payback period.

A real fast track power project, with the lowest gestation period and a modular concept.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs are low.

No marketing risks, as the product is electrical energy.

A project with no investment in manpower.


Advantages of power generation from Hybrid System :

The capital cost is comparable with conventional power plants.

Construction time is less.

Fuel cost is zero.

Operation & Maintenance cost is very low.

Capacity addition can be in modular form.

There is no adverse effect on global environment.

The whole system is pollution free and environment friendly


Save Money form Solarx :

Many people as in domestic case  – owners of house and in commercial stage – owners of business, industries or hospitals, schools, colleges, petrol pumps, etc or trust of temples etc. statement that they wants to cut their electricity bills at least 50% to 75%.

Consider your electricity cost of house Rs. 500/- per month. If you calculate conventionally that you will cut your electricity cost by 75% i.e. Rs. 375/- per month. That means if you generate power from solar system or windmill or solar-wind hybrid system will save you Rs. 4500/- per year. Same case in business or trust if you spends Rs. 2,00,000/- per month on electricity cost. And you will cut your cost by 50% i.e. Rs. 1,00,000/- only per month, that means you’re saving Rs. 12,00,000/- per year.