Arrange effective tie-up with established old age homes and ‘Day Care Centers’ for Accommodating needy members.
Create ‘Assisted Living’ facility through ‘Project Sukhashram’
Actively involved in movements for social up liftment.
Spread the message of NRIPO’s work and bring all similar units working in different cities under one roof by forming a  confederation.
 Sankrant Melawa
  Celebrated in January every year as a token of affection among friends and near ones. In ‘Mahabharata’ there is a mention of sharing
one sesame seed by seven people, depicting the level of mutual love. Members of NRIPO congregate to share good wishes and
Gulachi Poli’ in a joyous function during the festival.
 Vasantik Melawa
  The Earth flora starts blossoming during ‘Vasant’ season to create a vibrant and enchanting atmosphere all around.
NRIPO groups celebrate the season by organizing and witnessing a variety entertainment program followed by a sumptuous meal.
 Diwali Festival
  The season brings in joy and enthusiasm as a reflection of eternal light. Families celebrate the festival with their kith and kin.
NRIPO organizes a gathering for its members to facilitate exchange of good wishes with one another for happiness and prosperity and
enjoy a special entertainment program.
 Foundation Day
  NRIPO remembers its Foundation Day in the month of September every year by inviting persons of high eminence to deliver lectures on topics of interest to its members.
 Abhyankar Award Celebration
  In the memory of its Founder Father, Justice Mr. N. L. Abhyankar, NRIPO gives every year an award to any individual or an institution
that has done outstanding work in the service of senior citizens. The award includes a cash component and a citation.
 Sponsored Meetings

Several institutions like banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, etc., approach NRIPO for presenting their products tailor made
for the members, by sponsoring special programs.