NRIPO is managed by duly elected members who form the Executive Committee (EC). Elections to the Executive Committee are held once in three years. The EC is headed by the  President who is supported by a committee comprising 13/14 members.  The members of the EC  meet once in a week to discuss and resolve various issues concerning its members.For the ease of governance and interaction among members NRIPO membership is divided in to 28 area-wise groups which are managed by Group Co-coordinators & Group Leaders.

The members in their respective groups meet at monthly intervals by rotation wherein, besides fellowship, members share their views, experiences and problems and air their travel ordeals & experiences with others. 

NRIPO Executive Committee
Founder President - Justice (Late) Mr.N.L.Abhyankar President - Mr. Rameshchandra Chitnis
    25431884 9422017373
Vice President - Ms. Shanta Diwan Vice President - Mr. Prakash Ashtekar
  27292706 9423562635     25457050 9881030086
Secretary - Mr. Subhash Kulkarni Joint Secretary- Priya Garde
  25884702 9881237586     25886521 9850749509
Add.Sec - Kusum Patil Editor - Mr.Sadashiv Patyeet
  24228754 9822212901     25332811 9881438258
Treasurer - Mr.Madhav Deshmukh Jt.Treasurer - Padma Paranjape
  84828999999 9822011900     24211540 9403185007
Member - Mr.Suresh Natu Member - Mr. Vasudeo Kench
  24262569 9763704815     24265744 9822648354
Member - Mr. Anil Kelkar      
  25207025 9767570499