NRIPO's members are spread over the entire city of Pune. To facilitate effective interaction among members NRIPO has formed 28 area-wise groups. Individual group / cluster of adjoining groups have a Group Leader and one or two co-coordinators to facilitate functioning of groups.

Besides, members of the Executive Committee are deputed to attend meetings of groups assigned to them as observers to serve as link between NRIPO & Groups.

The feedback received from the Observer is very useful in formulating future programs . It is obligatory for the Groups  to hold regular monthly meetings to develop  meaningful relationship between members.Groups constitute the backbone of NRIPO.
Arranging lectures on interesting topics like health care, investments, etc. by inviting Guest Speakers or through own group members
and arranging medical check-up camps.
Celebrating members' birthdays / wedding anniversaries, etc, during group meetings.
Enlightening members on changes in documentation and procedures relating to visa, passport, Overseas Medical Insurance, etc.
Getting information from the members about their travel plans for visiting children.
Helping members in medical and other emergencies.
Informing members about NRIPO programs in the immediate future and disseminate NRIPO communications.
Encouraging members to participate actively in NRIPO programs.
Organizing picnics at periodic intervals.
Collecting subscription dues from members.
  Each Group Co-coordinator submits  group meeting report  to NRIPO EC.