The parents of NRIs need an increasing level of help in various matters like medical support, counselling in travel plans,visa/passport rules and regulations, health insurance, air ticketing,asset management, security and safety arrangements during their absence from home, foreign exchange facilities for travel/gifts to children/inward-outward remittances besides and more importantly, much needed emotional comfort and moral support in their loneliness, friendly  surroundings and constructive help in their old age.

Visualizing the problems and aspirations which are peculiar to such parents, late Mr. Narayan Abhyankar, a retired High Court Judge and a social thinker came up with the idea of creating a Support Group for such parents to provide a platform to them to come together, share problems & aspirations with peer group, share achievements and experiences with others, earn a new identity to overcome identity loss after retirement from active occupation; and in the process develop a distinct fraternity which would facilitate them remaining active,mentally & physically in their silver age and to have friendly and sympathetic surroundings.

Founded in the year 1994 with a family membership of barely 30 families, NRIPO has grown in to a large family to cater to the needs of parents of NRIs/PIOs and is on a growth path ever since. NRIPO is duly registered with the Charity Commissioner, Pune and donations to NRIPO are exempted from deduction of tax under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.