Extend moral support to members when their children experience emergencies like terrorist attacks and natural calamities.
Organize gatherings on festive occasions to provide entertainment and encourage members to actively participate in such events to
share their talents and artistic skills with others.
Felicitate members and their children for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the society.
Periodically organizes outings and excursions including overseas tours to enable members to build bonds of togetherness among them.
Administer ‘one by two‘ scheme to provide constructive help to ailing parents. This scheme entails two members living in close proximity
to take care of the member in distress.
Helping Members For  Medical Emergencies by suggesting appropriate agencies.
Organize health counseling and health watch through medical check-up camps.
Facilitate Information Sharing through 'NRIPO JAGAT' - voice of NRIPO, published quarterly, which provides opportunity to members and their children to express their views, share information, write articles covering, inter-alia, their experiences, solicit matrimonial alliance for their children, and to share their literary skills.
Publishes every year NRIPO Directory covering all relevant particulars of members for internal Circulation.
Organize special programs which are sponsored by travel companies, banks, insurance companies, builders, medical experts, etc. to disseminate relevant information for the members benefit.
Provide counseling on travel-related matters, health insurance, air- ticketing, security arrangements, foreign exchange regulations, etc.
Provide guidance on preparation of will and related matters through legal experts through ‘will & after’ cell.