About Company Philosophy

Man is born to be happy – only, we have to acquire the right skills to achieve happiness
Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, Teach them fishing, and they eat for life..!!

Company Objectives

Teaching thinking and analytical skills to corporate professional managers for THINKING OUT solutions to common every-day situations.

Consulting in ISO, ITIL, CobiT, SoX, Six-Sigma, IT Service Management, and designing and conducting human and organizational performance appraisals, reward systems, compensation packages, for enhancing performance and productivity.

Life-enhancement by developing, inventing, patenting, commercializing, licensing, of new ideas in science and technology related to various technology improvements and enhancements for reducing the carbon-footprint and achieving higher efficiencies and reduce human stress in any technology domain.

Creating and teaching human life-enablement skills to help people achieve happiness in their lives, find work-life balance, reduce stress, parenting skills, and generally find peace in their own lives and the lives of those around them, empower people to make sense of their lives in general and enable them to contribute to the society in a meaningful way to make life more happy and peaceful.

Thought-Craft Pvt. Ltd. – incorporated in India, having registered office in Chinchwad, Pune.
CIN : U74900PN2012PTC143825

Atul M. Kherde – 20+ years professional experience in various areas of IT Lifecycle, accredited ITIL Trainer for ALL ITIL courses, has taught over 2500 professionals at all levels in more than a dozen countries. .

Mr.Atul M. Kherde Director

Mr. Vitthal A. Pande – has extensive experience in all-round management, finance and administration of Small and Medium scale industries. He has managed performance in SSI, Automotive Manufacturing. He handles the Finance and Accounts portfolio in Thought-Craft along with his other business interests.

Mr. Vitthal A. Pande Director