Swayambhu: for Business owners

The gap between what "I should be doing" and what "I actually am doing" can be devastating for business owners. But many times, there are operational details which cannot be neglected even though more important strategic things may be pending. This program gives practical advice on designing and building organizations and using tools of governance.


Swayambhu helps Directors and Principals to consolidate their understanding of their role in the organization. Through exercises, it also helps them to organize their own work-spaces and identify items which they can carve out to others by delegation or resourcing, thus reducing their work load and freeing up their time to focus on strategic issues.

The workshop helps participants to understand the ‘strategic’ take on any situation, take a call on the strategic aspects and Direct the execution to / through the rest of the delivery vehicle.

Contents in brief

Orientation: Director's role in organization -Strategic Leadership vs Executive Leadership
Understanding management spaces – visibility into organization levels and actionable
Tools of governance
Organizing our own workspace - separating administration from governance
Integrating different perspectives
Vertical and Horizontal partitioning between roles
Communication issues – a glimpse
Establishing self-development objectives and plans to achieve them

Key takeaways

Identifying strategic take on situations
Workspace re-organization suggestions
Action plan to eliminate / reduce administration by delegating or resourcing

Duration Formats

4 – 7 hours depending upon participant’s interests
A. Day long workshop – same day
B. Lunch to lunch – overnight – gives more free-form discussion / sharing plus work-time to produce artifacts for actionable

Artifacts Produced

List of scalability issues in your organization
Action plan to address them
Timelines for subsequent milestones and follow-up communication